About Us

Gone are the days of delivering a recruitment message through untargeted press advertising. Globalisation, generational change, the internet and media fragmentation are a few recent phenomena which have created significant threats and opportunities for recruiters wishing to engage with desired talent in more efficient and meaningful ways.

Rocket Science Recruitment specialises in placing top calibre IT staff (contractual or permanent) across the employment spectrum. With years of experience in both the recruitment and IT industries, we are perfectly positioned to assist companies find the ideal candidate, or a candidate the ideal job.

We realise that every company is unique, and as such have distinctive recruitment requirements. Our methodology, along with assessment mechanisms have been tried and tested to ensure that we deliver only the highest level of candidates to fit our clients needs. The technology assists in improving the quality of the candidate, streamlining the hiring process, and significantly reducing the time and cost associated with employing people – regardless of the position.

To this degree we believe in putting our money where our mouth is. In terms of this, we have a special payment method whereby the client only pays the full fee after the candidate has worked through his or her “probation period”.

Our consultants are focused and highly skilled to find key players and rising talent. They tap into the heart of the industry, across all cultural groups to identify top level candidates, including those not openly available in the job market. In addition to concentrating on the knowledge and expertise of the candidates, we also pay particular attention to the cultural fit of the applicants, thus ensuring a good fit for all concerned.

Keeping abreast of development is essential for successful recruitment in the ICT Sector. After all, this industry, more than most, is constantly changing.

As an organisation, Rocket Science can only be achieved if we have a good understanding of both the company and culture. This is a task that can only be achieved through spending time with each client and their respective employees. To this end we will usually ask to meet not only with the HR manager, but also with line heads, heads of department and other key personnel. This will enable us to get a better understanding of the job specification, and the culture in each division.

We realise that companies should stick to their core business – it’s what the market demands.

Recruitment should be outsourced to professionals who understand their needs.