“As an applicant my experience in dealing with Rocket Science Recruitment has exceeded that of any other recruitment agency I have historically dealt with. From the top down they display a level of professionalism and sincerity unparalleled in the industry.

They rigorously maintain contact and both business and jobseeker are constantly updated concerning all developments of the recruitment process. This is a vital aspect of the excellent service they provide as it buffers a very unnerving and demoralising process for all parties involved.

They project a sound and trustworthy image at first glance and reinforce this throughout the entire progression of sourcing and placement.

I find it necessary to iterate at this point that although I am not placed yet, I feel that I have without doubt been represented truthfully and win or lose; I could not point any finger at Rocket Science Recruitment for failing me in their account of my suitability for the position.

I recommend them to anybody trying to find their way through the maze of employer / employee matches.”

This applicant has since been placed.

Information and communication technologies (ICT) have played a major role in shaping the employment growth in the developed world. So much so that demand has often outweighed supply with regard to certain skills in this broad sector. Understanding and accepting this knowledge should not deter companies because there are skilled and highly qualified people within our borders.

There are many reasons companies fail to choose the best candidate put before them. These range from poor methods such as unstructured or unprofessional interviewing, taking too much notice of the irrelevant or allowing prejudices to cloud judgment. Some companies cannot even be persuaded to see the best candidates.

Professional recruitment companies do more than you think. The best ones attract the best candidates, they can talk the language; know the markets and options; and can assist throughout the entire process.

Rocket Science Recruitment specialises in placing top calibre IT staff across the employment spectrum. With years of experience in both the recruitment and IT industries, we are perfectly positioned to assist companies find the ideal candidate, or candidate for the ideal job.